20171214_204039”LET IT HAPPEN”


Here it is. New cd Extended play is now available. Seven new straight forward Sleepwellers songs. Tilaa/order office@sleepwellers.comkansi


Final mixings

New Sleepwellers cd is soon ready. Last weekend last mixings were done at Magnusborg studios by Marko Kataja. Seven straight forwarded Sleepwellers songs should be available late February

7 new songs !

Sleepwellers have recorded seven new straightforwarded Sleepwellers songs ! We will add some guitar solos and vocal and a new Sleepwellers baby is born !

New Sleepwellers cd in December

There is going to be a new Sleepwellers ep cd in December 2013. Sleepwellers is going to studio in the end of the October.


Blues News-lehden arvio uudesta Sleepwellers levystä New Tricks for Old bricks

SW on national radio !

On Kantritohtorin juurihoito rock´n roll radio show dj. Teppo Nättilä played this evening 25th of October Google me by Sleepwellers. Nice! Sama suomeks. Kuuntele viikon ajan yle.areenasta. Kyllä sitä viikon jaksaa kuunnella.

New cd ” New Tricks for Old Bricks” Has been released. You want it? Tell us office@sleepwellers.com. Tell us your address and we will send you bank info. 12 € in Finland and 14 € to rest of EU Europe.

Currently recording new cd

New cd titled ” New trick for old bricks ” is now out. order from office@sleepwellers.com